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Clients' reviews
While working on the Canon Club project, the Level company has developed an interactive simulator to train printing and photo equipment salesmen. Their solution has increased significantly the activity on the portal and motivated a range of positive feedbacks from our clients.
Amalia Ogmrtsyan
Our collaboration caused a development of a number of multimedia courses and computer business simulations for the remote training of Sberbank employees. The LEVEL experts showed a high level of expertise, responsibility, and flexibility when solving various issues.
Vasiliy Ilyin
The LEVEL company has implemented "The Economy of the Metallurgical Enterprise" industry-specific business simulation for MISiS. During the project development, we have repeatedly faced a range of issues that require a flexible approach and a deep immersion in the metallurgical industry. Anyway, while implementing the project, the team has proved themselves to be qualified developers. They have completed the project at the highest technical and methodological level.
Igor Pavlovich Ilyichev
The LEVEL company has developed a learning portal to train the Colgate-Palmolive field stuff over the 1.12.2013 to 23.02.2014 period. The solution included a flexible system of customer care, a system for creation and management of educational and test materials, as well as interactive simulators for training and assessment on merchandising. While implementing the project, the Level team promptly responded to any comment and timely modified the project. We recommend the Level company as a reliable provider of e-learning solutions.
Vladimir Alimov
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