Mobile education

Mobile education
Mobile education is suitable for the employees, who would study, regardless of the location and conditions of their workplace.

When developing the design, our focus is on how the users would work with the mobile course, how convenient and clear it would be for them. As the information in the course should be brief and the screen size is limited, the design is much simpler.

You would make a better use of the mobile courses if they are considered to be a part of a blended education. It's a good addition to in-house education or the classical e-learning. It is worth including the information needed to solve work tasks right here and right now.
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A dedicated team, including a personal project manager, a designer of learning experience, and a scriptwriter.

Our staff promptly resolves all issues: starting from interviewing topic experts up to solving technical issues while installing or testing the courses in your system.
100% results guaranteed
100% results guaranteed. An efficient and transparent development process let us start the training on time.
Individual design
Individual design development based on your corporate style.

We do not use pre-prepared design patterns. We offer only high-quality and most recent design created for our client's purpose only.
Quality control
Every course undergoes a quality control on the content and features.