The welcome course for company's new employees of the PepsiCo company

An adaptation tour is available for 23 000 PepsiCo employees all over Russia and will be especially interesting for beginners.
Project goals
- Introduce the company, its history, and brands to new employees;
- Introduce the company's values, rules, and corporate culture;
- Speed up the adaptation and answer a big number of questions from newcomers.
The adaptation tour is a quest game, where a new employee travels around the company, does various interactive tasks, communicates with employees, watches informative videos and slides. A huge amount of content and locations are connected in one interesting story.
Project features
1. Interactive 360 panoramic images
The course is based on panoramic images with built-in video. All locations are interactive: a newcomer may "talk" to the President, employees, and clients at every step of getting to know the company.
2. Involving storyline
The script is built on the classical principle of creating Hollywood movies; it is the methodology of the character's journey. There is a main character, a difficult task, a mentor and challenges that need to be overcome.
3. Content diversity
To develop an adaptation tour, we have analyzed more than 30 GB of information, including presentations, internal documents that determine the company's policies and departmental structure, videos, etc.
The course takes an average of 2 hours. It is divided into 2 one-hour series. Therefore, it was extremely important to display content in different formats in order to hold the newcomers' attention. We used video infographics and scribing, interactive slides and static graphics, illustrations, videos, and dialogue simulators.

Finally, we have:
15 videos, 63 slides, 2 scribing and infographics animation videos, 16 mini-games and tests, 20 characters with dialogues.
86 people, including 14 actors, 12 Level and ITM Group employees, and 60 PepsiCo employees participated in shooting videos.
22 locations were filmed at Lebedyansky and Lianozovo factories, in the Central office, in the partner supermarket, and in the logistics center.

We are grateful to our colleagues from PepsiCo for the excellent organization of the work process, the filming at the production facilities in particular.
Project development team
Mikhail Milyutin - a concept author
Konstantin Labzin - a project manager
Anton Loginov - a director
Julia Kursakova - an account manager, a screenwriter
Ekaterina Kruglaya - an account manager, a screenwriter
Daria Lebedeva - a designer
Vyacheslav Komarov - a designer
Mikhail Desyatkin - a development consultant
Denis Spichkin - a back-end developer
Denis Ponomarev - a developer
Anton Reimer - a developer
Dmitry Koshelev - a producer, a methodologist