Classical e-learning

Feeling proud of our courses
E-learning slide courses with embedded dialog simulators, practical tasks, photo-cases, examples, and infographics
We create involving scenarios and visual images to assist the learning goals of the course.

We test the knowledge of our learners after every educational module and/or on completing the course. There are various test types: starting from quizzes up to dragging the items, doing puzzles and small games.

You can edit the finished course in-house.
How we create it
  • Instructional Design
    We identify who is the target of the course, what should be learned during the course and what are the educational methods. Moreover, we recognize what needs to be changed in the students' understanding, behavior and activities.
  • A scenario and a structure
    We structure the content and create a logical, clear and motivating story. Then we develop methods to test knowledge.
  • Design and illustrations
    We visualize images, processes, and relationships.
  • Tests
    We develop the structure and mechanics of testing, create questions and possible answers.
  • Composition and programming
    We collect materials in a course, create a SCORM package, test it and install it on our client's LMS.
Get a demo access
A dedicated team, including a personal project manager, a designer of learning experience, and a scriptwriter.

Our staff promptly resolves all issues: starting from interviewing topic experts up to solving technical issues while installing or testing the courses in your system.
100% results guaranteed. An efficient and transparent development process let you start the training of employees on time.
Individual design based on your corporate style.

We do not use pre-prepared design patterns. We offer only high-quality and most recent design created for our client's purpose only.
Quality control
Every course undergoes a quality control of the content and features.