The "Retail Manager" business simulation game for the sales store management.

  1. Train managerial skills of the departments' executives and hypermarkets top management.
  2. Practice the knowledge gained in full-time training in a risk-free environment.
  3. Use business simulation as one of the assessment tools.
A turn-based strategy game. The player's goal is to consider seasonal factors to increase store profits and to ensure stable growth.

The model includes the management of human resources, sales and services, logistics, administration.
The game starts with a short tutorial. You would become a store manager and manage the store in the next 2 years.

The main screen and simulation interface:
In addition to the store management strategy, you need to solve about 70 cases, that managers face every day. Some tasks are presented as the dialogs with clients and employees. The way you solve the cases influences your game performance.
Once you finish the game, you will see the statistics in your personal profile, therefore it is possible to analyze the decisions made, identify the area of your growth and check recommended trainings.